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Kyoto Tourism Etiquette was formulated to promote “sustainable tourism” more than ever, so that tourism businesses and workers, tourists, and residents can respect each other and keep Kyoto the city it is. This page introduces tourism businesses that are implementing activities that conform to Kyoto Tourism Etiquette.

Inns of the future

This is a collection of case studies of lodging facilities that harmonize with the lives of citizens as members of diverse local entities and contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and local communities through initiatives in cooperation with local organizations, etc., based on the Kyoto Tourism Code of Conduct (Kyoto Tourism Etiquette).

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​ We are looking for excellent examples!

The Kyoto City Tourism Association is looking for tourism business operators that conform to Kyoto tourism morals.

Case studies submitted may be introduced on the website or used in training.

For more information,please check here.

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