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Kyoto Guidelines for BUSINESS

Kyoto Guidelines for BUSINESS

~To develop your business while maintaining good relations with the local community~


We have laid down values and guidelines to be cherished and implemented by all people involved in tourism in Kyoto. Together with the tourism industry and its workers, and the residents, let us realize sustainable tourism in this city. 
Please keep this code of conduct in mind and enjoy Kyoto and its culture to the fullest.

Promote initiatives in line with Kyoto tourism morals

We are looking for tourism operators.


Promote initiatives in line with Kyoto tourism morals

We are looking for tourism operators.

For the tourism industry and its workers

community while promoting harmony between residential life and tourism

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Participate and cooperate in local activities


Convey the lifestyle of Kyoto's towns

Moral bulletin board.jpg

Educate yourself about Kyoto Tourism Etiquette


Providing high-quality services

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Learn about Kyoto's customs and culture and apply them to hospitality

Zazen experience.jpg

Introduce facilities for cultural experiences

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Communicate about sustainable tourism


Preserving the natural environment and scenic landscape

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Work on food loss prevention and promotion of bringing one's own carry bag, etc.


Do not use plastic products

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Create a storefront that blends in with the surrounding landscape


Establishing resilient tourism against crises such as disasters and infectious diseases

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Conduct periodic facility inspections and confirm what to do in the event of a disaster

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Check evacuation routes and AED locations to be prepared in case of emergency


Ensure infection control measures and call for cooperation


Case studies of good practices by business operators

The following is a partial list of tourism businesses that have implemented measures that meet the Kyoto Tourism Code of Conduct (Kyoto Tourism Etiquette).

Learn about Kyoto Tourism Etiquette

Deepen your understanding with videos of Kyoto Tourism Etiquette.





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