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Kyoto tourism moral promotion declaration company

Company committed to Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

Tourism business operators, workers, tourists, citizens respect each other,

In order to further promote “sustainable tourism” for Kyoto to continue to be Kyoto,

We will support tourism business operators who are trying to promote initiatives in line with Kyoto tourism morals.

Application period

July 1, 2024 (Monday) to February 28, 2025 (Friday)

Let's work together to create Kyoto tourism
that will connect to the future!

"The Kyoto Tourism Moral Promotion Declaration" is a declaration of what companies and organizations in Kyoto City that are trying to create sustainable tourism are already working on and what they will be working on in the future. By doing so, we will give full support to businesses in the city, etc., foster sympathy with tourists and citizens, and make it easier for businesses to promote sustainable initiatives.



We will support tourism business operators who are trying to promote initiatives that match Kyoto tourism morals.


We support your efforts through briefing sessions and self-check sheets.

Kyoto Kanko Moral has a sheet that allows you to self-check the current status of your company's sustainable efforts. We will also hold briefing sessions in cooperation with industry groups, etc., and support your challenges for the future.


You can use PR tools to appeal your efforts.

An official sticker will be provided to all business operators who have completed declaration registration. You can also download a design template that can be combined with your company's logo and appealed in stores or on social media.

We will inform the companies that have applied for it at a later date.


You can post your efforts on your website, etc., and widely publicize them both inside and outside the company.

Businesses who have completed declaration registration will be posted on the official website. At the same time, we will disseminate information widely in tabloid magazines and other public relations materials, fostering sympathy not only among tourists but also among colleagues who work with us and residents of the area.



We are looking for business operators who will act so that Kyoto will continue to be Kyoto.



The secretariat confirms and examines the content of the application


Issuing stickers and announcing the details of the efforts on the Kyoto Tourism Moral Site, etc.

Apply to

Reception desk  Kyoto City Tourism Association


Cooperation    Kyoto City


Declaration businesses


We will “visualize” businesses that promote initiatives that contribute to sustainable tourism.


Kyoto tourism moral promotion declaration companyall of youIntroducing

Member of Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Is the target only tourism-related businesses?

A. Not only city tourism-related businesses, but also businesses that provide services and promote initiatives that contribute to promoting Kyoto tourism morals within the city, NPOs, etc. are eligible.

Q.2 What are the benefits of declaring it?

A. As an entity that actively works on Kyoto tourism morals, we can not only publish the names of business operators and their efforts on the Kyoto City website, but also display stickers at facilities, stores, etc. to promote them to tourists.

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