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Member of Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

Member of Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

We will introduce initiatives to create new values for tourism by businesses that have declared their commitment to promoting "Code of Conduct for Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto".

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To all the Reiwa 4 Excellent Business Award Recipients

Among the businesses that have made the Kyoto Tourism Morals Promotion Declaration, the Kyoto Tourism Morals' "Things we would like to cherish with all tourism business operators, workers, etc."

This award will be given to businesses that have made excellent efforts that will serve as a reference for other businesses in accordance with the four items listed in the following.

To all business operators who declare the promotion of Kyoto tourism morals

Member of Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

By Kyoto tourism moral promotion declaration company,We will introduce our efforts to create new value for tourism.


We have published a public relations magazine that introduces Kyoto Tourism Morals Promotion Businesses​

​ We are looking for excellent examples!

The Kyoto City Tourism Association is looking for tourism business operators that conform to Kyoto tourism morals.

Case studies submitted may be introduced on the website or used in training.

For more information,please check here.

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